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Set after the events of Loki season 2, the TVA discovers that in the aftermath of stopping "He Who Remains a new threat may be on the horizon.

The gang starts their own taxi service, while Dee tries to go on a date.

Laszlo gets sucked into the world of pro wrestling.

Wilfred tries to convince Ryan of the horrors of the evil Santa Claus

As Superman enters his sophomore year donning the cape, he finds himself pitted against the formidable foes Parasite and Metallo, a dual threat that not only tests his physical prowess but also challenges the depths of his emotional resilience.

Read the script, then watch these completed shorts!

Two bounty hunters find their target in a game store.

Detective Dan Turpin investigates a string of murders in Metropolis. A killer targeting only members of Intergang. He soon discovers they may be perpetrated by the villian known as Toyman.

An Elvis impersonator question his life choices.

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