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Since I was little I've loved to tell stories. It started, simply, with action figures, and "Superman: The Motion Picture." That was the first movie that I can remember watching. It drove me toward the desire to create stories that would make me feel the same way I did when I witnessed Christopher Reeve take flight; when I "believed a man could fly."


I would lock myself in my room and play for hours; creating elaborate adventures in my head. When my family got a VHS camera I thought that would be a great way to share with them my experiences. At first I didn't connect the idea of filmmaking, I just thought it would be cool to allow someone else to see what I saw in my head. 

Over the years it's that exact feeling that has kept me going. The ability to create something out of nothing, put it to paper, and then eventually production. Creating something visually tangible that another human can experience and feel. The same way I did those years ago, and continue to do, to this day. For me, visual storytelling is the closest thing to showing another person what your dreams look like. 

Top 25% (second round) - Launch Pad Feature Competition | 2020 | Beneath the Pole
"Quarter Finalist" - Stage 32 New Blood Screenwriting Contest | 2019 | Beneath the Pole
"Best Feature Screenplay" - LA Crime and Horror Film Festival | 2019 | Beneath the Pole
"Best First Scene, Sci-Fi" - Horror Film and Screenplay Festival Toronto | 2018 | Beneath the Pole

"Best Action/Crime Short" - London Independent Film Awards | 2018 | Focus
"Best Director" - Fan Film Awards | 2017 | Focus
"3rd Place Cinematography" - Tampa Action Film Challenge | 2017 | Focus
"3rd Place Action Sequence" - Tampa Action Film Challenge | 2017 | Focus
"Best Holiday Spec Script" - Scripped | 2011 | Wilfred, Believe
"Best Screenplay" - Holman Screenwriting Contest | 2008 | The Bank
"Best Screenplay" - Holman Screenwriting Contest | 2007 | Prime & Deliver: An RPS Saga


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